• Faith Under Fire

    Faith Under Fire is a true story of God's presence in the midst of suffering. It is a story of a community’s struggle with betrayal, the shock to their faith, and the death of loved ones after a former schoolteacher opens fire during a church service in the summer of 1980. It is also a tribute to four brave men that raced into the face of gunfire, saving the lives of hundreds of people. Thirty years after that tragic day, survivors share their journey to heal. A pastor, who's small child was killed that day, reveals publicly for the first time his shocking plans to murder the gunman during court proceedings. The anger, rage and guilt he carries for thirty years cost him nearly everything. The assassin's family reveals shocking secrets that pushed him to commit this terrible act. Ultimately, Faith Under Fire is a story of faith and hope leading a community out of the depths of despair to the path of forgiveness and restoration and ultimately peace. Winner of numerous awards.

  • Changing A Mind

    The amazing true story of Neal, John, and Nicole. Imagine living life trapped in a world full of limitations. After a medical diagnosis leaves no hope for these children, one mother is determined to fight for their minds. After nine years of research and fighting the current medical philosophy, Teresa Cody does what doctors and scientists say is impossible. She finds an answer for those born with Down Syndrome. Her discovery leads to dramatically improved social behaviors as well as a rise in IQ as much as 8 to 20% in 6 months. Nicole, suffering with both Down Syndrome and Alzheimer disease comes back from the darkness in only 8 months. Witness the change.

  • I Love You Mom

    I LOVE YOU MOM, PLEASE DON’T BREAK MY HEART is the story of a a young man’s courageous battle to change the course of his life. After enduring unspeakable abuse from his parents as a child and repeatedly victimized by caregivers in institutions, John Borgstedt let anger and hatred overtake him until he landed in federal prison. At the age of 22, after a miraculous encounter with God, John was able to forgive his parents and find the peace he needed to fulfill his dream of helping other victims of abuse.Now a child advocate and author, John recounts his journey from maximum security prison to defender of the week. Winner of numerous awards.

  • It's Not About Me

    It's Not About Me is the true story of a remarkable girl that left her touch on thousands...but now without a price. After devastating news alters Rebekah Tauber's life forever, she is confronted with the choices of her past and must make difficult decisions about her future that will affect those around her. As she wrestles with God and the path she is placed upon, she must choose between the road of self-indulgence or selflessness.

  • Christianne Taylor: My Trip to Heaven

    Christianne Taylor’s father passes away suddenly at the age of 49. The weight of grief prevents her from accepting this new reality. Five months after his death, God gives Christianne a miraculous gift – a visit to Heaven to speak with her dad. When she returns she is given a new destiny.

True Stories of Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives